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Spotted Hyena
(Crocuta crocuta)
© Photographer: Nico Smit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Hyaenidae
Genus: Crocuta
Species: crocuta
IUCN Status:
Least Concern
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    The Spotted Hyena is found in Sub-Saharan Africa.


    Although the Spotted Hyena is thought of as a
    scavenger, a large portion of the hyena's diet comes from
    hunting live animals such as gazelle, zebras and
    wildebeest.  Hyenas will hunt alone or in a pack, and
    they are opportunistic predators.


    The Hyena's habitat is the deserts and open savannas of
    Sub-Saharan Africa.


    Approximate weight of a Hyena:
    Weight is usually between 110 - 160 lbs., with females
    slightly heavier than males.
    Approximate length of a Hyena:.
    Average length is 3 - 5 ft.


    The female Spotted Hyena's pregnancy period will last
    between 3 - 4 months and will usually have 2 - 3 young
    per litter but can have more or less.